Tech Events Summits Conferences – October 2021

This article contains a list of some of the most promising tech events, summits and conferences that are going to take place in the October of 2021. The events will be hosted round the globe and you can participate either virtually or on physical location depending on the mode of participation allowed.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of the events will be virtual. And, the remaining are also being converted to virtual depending on the situation of the hosting country. So, keep checking this list for updates on the venue and change in mode of participation.

Events in October consists of Open Source Strategy Forum, OSPOCon, EnvoyCon, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, SupplyChainSecurityCon,Cloud Native Security Con, Kubernetes AI Day and many more.

List of tech events, summits and conferences in October 2021

14th-5th OctOpen Source Strategy Forum (OSSF)In PersonVisit
25th OctIDC European CIO Digital SummitVirtualVisit
36th OctOSPOCon EUROPEIn PersonVisit
46th OctCIO Executive Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C.VirtualVisit
58th OctCIO Executive Leadership Summit, DetroitVirtualVisit
69th-13th OctNABSHOWLas VegasVisit
711th OcteBPF Day NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
811th OctEnvoyCon NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
911th-15th OctKubeCon + CloudNativeCon NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
1011th-12th OctO3DECon
Virtual / In PersonVisit
1111th-12th OctOpen Networking & Edge Summit
(End to End Connectivity Solutions powered by Open Source)
Virtual / In PersonVisit
1211th OctProduction Identity Day
Virtual / In PersonVisit
1311th OctSupplyChainSecurityCon NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
1412th OctCloud Native DevX DayVirtual / In PersonVisit
1512th OctCloud Native Security Con NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
1612th OctCloud Native Wasm day NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
1712th OctFluentCon North America
(Log and metric collection with Fluentd and Fluent Bit)
Virtual / In PersonVisit
1812th OctGitOpsCon North America
(Getting started with GitOps, scaling and managing GitOp)
Virtual / In PersonVisit
1912th OctKubernetes AI Day NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
2012th OctServiceMeshCon NORTH AMERICAVirtual / In PersonVisit
2122nd OctCIO Executive Leadership Summit, GreenwichVirtualVisit
2226th-28th OctMWC Los AngelesVirtualVisit

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